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    If you were injured on an offshore oil platform, drilling rig, ship, barge, crew boat, fishing vessel, tug or push boat, or any other offshore vessel, call today.

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    If your vessel or rig held dangers or needed additional safety measures.

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    Legal help for those who have been injured while working offshore.

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Talk to an experienced Offshore Injury Lawyer

You need to call a Lawyer as soon as possible after an injury. Do not wait to contact a Jones Act Lawyer or you will regret it. Your employer may require you to see a company chosen doctor but, you should switch to another doctor who is not connected to your employer, for obvious reasons. First, company connected doctors will minimize your medical treatment and the extent of your injury. That’s why employers insist that you go to their doctors. A Jones Act Lawyer can help you choose a doctor who will not be connected to or obligated to your employer. Call an at 1-800-JonesAct today to find out your rights and to get common sense information about Jones Act claims.

What you should know about Jones Act Claims

If you work on a ship, boat, barge, fishing boat, or any term that contains the word boat or ship, you are likely covered by the Jones Act. If you work on an offshore drilling rig you are most likely covered by the Jones Act. If you work anywhere in the water or near the water, you might be covered by the Jones Act. Workers who previously were classified under the Longshore Harbor Workers Act may now be covered by the Jones Act.

Do not assume that you are covered by other laws until you talk to one of our experienced Jones Act Lawyers in Houston, TX. Do not listen to your employer, their insurance company or their doctor. Do not listen to anyone about the law except an experienced Jones Act Lawyer. Call the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm at 1 800 Jones Act and let us quickly tell you if you have choices and what each choice will mean to you as to medical care, weekly checks and your settlement.

It’s not just about the money; it’s about your health. You should not settle for a company doctor or HMO type doctor when we can help you to get the best available medical treatment and make your employer pay for every penny of it. Good medical care could mean the difference between going back to work or being partially or totally disabled. We know the best doctors all across the country. Use our experience in this most important decision.

Offshore & Maritime Injury Law

About The Jones Act

Because of the high risk of a Jones Act Accidents causing serious injury, maritime laws like the Jones Act were established to help give rights to injured seamen. There are many unique and difficult types of injuries that maritime workers face, which can often result in complex injury cases and liability claims. This is when you will benefit from having a Jones Act lawyer on your side.

Important Legal Deadlines

Don't wait! Important legal deadlines loom in offshore injury cases that can affect your ability to settle your claim or file a lawsuit. Delaying even a few days could make a significant difference in the value of your case. Call 1-800-JONES-ACT now.

Maritime Law & Offshore Injuries

Offshore injury cases are complicated. Learn the truth about company doctors, dealing with insurance adjusters, paying your bills, getting reimbursed for lost wages, and getting a fair, significant settlement. Call 1-800-JONES-ACT today.

  • Bill Abbott, Senior Partner

    "I've been helping injured offshore workers since 1999. I understand what it takes to get an injured seaman to a good doctor quickly, establish the case and secure the best possible settlement for my clients."

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    5-Times Selected as one of Houston's Top Lawyers by "Houston Magazine" between 2007 and 2014 - Mr. Clay has the experience and strength it takes to get top dollar for his clients.

  • Bianca Reed, Partner

    "For hundreds of years, shipping and offshore companies have made billions of dollars without being held fully accountable for injuries these dangerous jobs cause. These days, the Jones Act is able to help secure fair and significant compensation for workers and seamen injured offshore."

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