Jones Act Accidents

Because of the high risk of Offshore Accidents causing serious injury, maritime laws like the Jones Act were established to help give rights to injured seamen. There are many unique and difficult types of injuries that maritime workers face, which can often result in complex injury cases and liability claims. This is when you will benefit from having a Jones Act lawyer on your side.

Jones Act Accidents common to crew members include chemical exposure, being struck by falling and moving objects, and falling during heavy seas. In a recent case resulting in a successful outcome, our client sustained a significant back injury during an equipment rescue operation caused by a captains impatience - undertaking a mission in dangerous conditions rather than waiting for conditions to improve - insufficient numbers of crew members, and a failure to issue a back brace to reduce excessive strain. Maritime professions are different from many other occupations because they are often performed offshore where medical help is not as readily available. There are many job titles of maritime work that increase the types of hazards you are exposed to and increase your chances of Jones Act accidents. Some of these unique situations include:

  • use of heavy machinery or equipment;
  • dangerous weather conditions;
  • remote locations;
  • delays in receiving full medical treatment;
  • higher risk of developing mental conditions; and
  • multiple governing bodies involved in injury claims.

These factors can make filing a Jones Act Accident claim under the Jones Act much more complex than a normal workplace injury claim on land.

Maritime laws protect workers classified as seamen or maritime professionals as long as they are stationed on approved vessels or worksites and follow the requirements for employment length. Your Jones Act lawyer can help you determine whether your injury claim will be upheld under maritime law or the Jones Act law.

Once your classification has been determined, you will work with your lawyer to file your claim. In either case, you will need documentation supporting your injury claim and detailing the Jones Act accident that caused your injury.



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